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Daily suggestions in your inbox

Wake up every morning for a week with a new friend suggestion, discovered via the connections of a chosen friend.

Searching for new people has never been so easy!

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Browse people by your interests

Browse through Twitter accounts based on the topics they are interested in.

Use filters on follower count, how recently active they where, and more.

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Search your extended social network for friends

Trust your existing friends to have followed interesting people.

Get suggestions on who to follow in your extended network on Twitter, starting from a friend you already love.

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Upgrade to Premium for € 6.99 /m

More searches & detailed insights into people on Twitter to know how best to engage.

More searching & Powerful tools

Perform unlimited searches, and schedule up to 15 daily searches. Unlock the full power of the BFF search system and get suggestions and filters in browsing with no limits.

Maintain friendships (coming soon)

Tools to help you keep on top of your best friends. Automate creation of Twitter Lists and get suggestions on who to talk to today.

Insights (coming soon)

Get insights into how much your new friend candidate engages on Twitter, how compatible they are with you & when they are most active.

Trying to grow your following? Have a look at our guide to start making friends instead.

New friends made

This many more friends on Twitter via bff.

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How our matchmaking works 👇

Let us & your friends do the work for you.

Finding interesting people in your extended network with similar interests. You'll never have to search again!

1. Choose an existing awesome friend

Your friends know better who to follow on Twitter.

We will look at who they follow to find you a few new friends

  • You ❤️ to follow...

    Whitney Francis

    "I am a Manager & Copywriter | Building in public | Tweets my own"

2. And confirm what you are interested in...

Confirm what topics you are most interested in discussing with your new friends.

Build in public Ruby Computing Community JavaScript Memes

3. Then we match friends from their network!

And get the ball rolling; DM them to start a conversation or send the best gifs.

Whitney Follows & we recommend...

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Software Developer / Giver of hugs

bff.quest Joined April 2021
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